Humans Have Magnetic Power

Basically, all humans have a magnetic force or often known as the power within, but not all people can use it. The question that often arises is how to use the magnetic force? Required exercises and proper body work to be able to use the magnetic force. Many colleges silat (energy in) in Indonesia, especially the use of specific techniques to train using this magnetic power. Most of these techniques is the technique of breathing and body movement (stance). So what exactly are the benefits of magnetic force for us, especially in terms of alternative medicine? In alternative medicine, magnetic energy is often used to help treat patients. Especially me, using this same magnetic force (collaborate) with reflexology.

The results that I got even more effective and efficient than just using reflexology alone. How to integrate a magnetic force with reflexology? This is indeed associated with the first paragraph above, that exercises the use of magnetic force do require special techniques. Even so not to worry because here I will give you an easy technique to learn, especially in terms of the use of magnetic energy to reflexology. How to use magnetic force to reflexology is not I have to say in this article, but I will discuss in a separate article.

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