Relationship Between Blood Circulation to the Regional Reflection

Importance of Blood Circulation
Every organ of the body requires blood to carry out normal functions. Therefore, the blood carrying an indispensable element of the body organs, such as oxygen, hormones, antibiotics, and so forth. In addition it also serves to carry away the blood of impurities that harm the body. Thus the diseased organ in desperate need of a smooth blood circulation to help cure the illness. If the blood circulation more smoothly, the more our body healthy too.

Symptoms Pain Can Known Through Reflection Region 
As the foregoing discussion that one of the main functions of blood is required to deliver various substances that the body's organs and carry out substances that harm the body's organs. When blood circulation is not smooth, then the organ would be too late to get supplies of food and materials discarded kotoranpun late. Eventually the dirt that settles on the lining of the blood, so that the corresponding organ function impaired by lack of blood and food, these circumstances will trigger the onset of the disease.

For an experienced masseuse can locate the center of sick just by touching the foot. Because, if the reflection area diseased organ or a massage will be found a kind of palpable lumps of sand, which means that there are clumps of dirt in his veins.

In addition, by massaging the area of ​​reflection, which hurts and pains, a sign that the corresponding organ is sick. By way of massaging the area of ​​reflection, means that stimulate blood circulation that will bring food to the organ and carry away the droppings.

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