Benefits of Banana Peel for Face

Banana, fruit that tastes sweet has a lot of benefits, not only the fruit, even the banana peel also has many benefits. Here we present some of the health benefits of a banana peel for the face. 

Smooth The Face 
When your skin feels rough and dry, then try to mask by using bananas. With regular use as well as carried out in a proper way, the benefits of bananas can generate your face during this desire, the face is smooth and fast. The trick, destroy the whole banana until smooth and then add a teaspoon of natural honey and mix well. After the potion is finished, then apply on your face as a mask. Also do this way on a regular basis in a few weeks so that the skin feels smoother and softer.

Lift Dead Skin Cells 
Skin looks visibly dirty and greasy one reason could be because the dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the face. No need to worry or seek out beauty doctor to treat it, enough with the bananas, you can easily remove it. Way, take a whole banana, mash until smooth evenly. Apply on the surface of the face, then let stand until dry, then proceed by rinsing with clean water. 

Benefits of Banana Peel for Face 

Skin Tightening 
Bananas are rich in vitamin E, which is so abundant very good for the skin. The content of vitamin E in the bananas are able to keep the skin to remain tight. Increasing age in humans, then the quality of the skin including skin firmness will decline, as a result the skin will be more relaxed. To get the benefits of skin tightening that can be obtained from the fruit of bananas, note the following way.

Prepare a whole banana, honey, small bowls and spoons. After that, until the banana puree into a pulp, mix the honey and mix well. This mixture can be used as a face mask, how to evenly apply this medicine, then let sit and wait until dry. Then rinse with warm water first, the function that the pores open and the content of the benefits of this medicine to seep into the face of the pore cavity, until the dirt and fine particulate dust that can be lifted and then proceed to rinse using cold water. For maximum results doing this way at least once a week on a regular basis. 

Lightening Face 
Having a bright face, radiant and white would be a dream for every woman. No need to help bleach or vitamins at a fantastic price to make it happen. Now, just by utilizing bananas, face bright, white and radiant you can get. Surely this way besides cheaper, safer benefits for your health, because the herbal ingredients will not have any adverse effects to the body. 

Eliminate Acne 
When other people are vying for the most powerful acne medication why not try a natural way safer. It turns out that the benefits of bananas can also be applied on the face as an acne remover. The trick, take a ripe banana or yellow, then select the flesh and mash. As the foregoing manner, also apply to the face, set aside some time after that rinse with clean water. This is already proven by many many people and get rid of acne proven, but of course with regular usage.


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