Pepper Benefits for Traditional Medicine

Pepper, of course this is not foreign to our ears, especially for fans of spicy food. Yes, pepper is one of the herbs which give effect to the spicy cuisine. But, do you know if this pepper has many benefits, especially for traditional medicine??

Pepper is one cure for headaches. If your headaches suddenly disappear after eating the soup, notice. Soup containing pepper and pepper ingredient that has removed this headache you. Kavisin pepper contains a substance which brings spicy nature. In the body, compounds that become a source of spicy flavor will work dampen brain activity while receiving pain signals are transmitted from the nervous system. Therefore, the burden of pain was high so reduced .

Pepper plant compounds are also classified as lust / aphrodisiac. Boron compounds, and vacrol calamene contained in grains of pepper fruit can stimulate the secretion of androgen and estrogen which is the main stock generating sexual arousal in men and women. The content of pepper can also overcome the less savory smell of sweat, irregular menstruation, heartburn, rheumatism, gout, bone loss, dental pain, asthma, hernia, and various types of skin diseases.

1. Headache
5 grams of pepper
5 grains of cloves
5 grams of nutmeg
1 finger cinnamon
Wash all the ingredients above, then dry. Then, mashed into a powder and brewed with hot water. Drink while warm.

2. Asthma
Take 10 grains of pepper
8 pieces of betel leaf
Puree and add 1 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil
Mix well and rub on the neck and chest.
That's some pepper for health benefits. You now do not need to go to the doctor or to the pharmacy only to treat your headache pain. You just go back to your kitchen and complete your headache problem. However, if the headache does not go away, it is advisable to keep going to the doctor.


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