Benefits of Banana Peel for Face

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Banana, fruit that tastes sweet has a lot of benefits, not only the fruit, even the banana peel also has many benefits. Here we present some of the health benefits of a banana peel for the face. 

Smooth The Face 
When your skin feels rough and dry, then try to mask by using bananas. With regular use as well as carried out in a proper way, the benefits of bananas can generate your face during this desire, the face is smooth and fast. The trick, destroy the whole banana until smooth and then add a teaspoon of natural honey and mix well. After the potion is finished, then apply on your face as a mask. Also do this way on a regular basis in a few weeks so that the skin feels smoother and softer.

Lift Dead Skin Cells 
Skin looks visibly dirty and greasy one reason could be because the dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the face. No need to worry or seek out beauty doctor to treat it, enough with the bananas, you can easily remove it. Way, take a whole banana, mash until smooth evenly. Apply on the surface of the face, then let stand until dry, then proceed by rinsing with clean water. 

Benefits of Banana Peel for Face 

Skin Tightening 
Bananas are rich in vitamin E, which is so abundant very good for the skin. The content of vitamin E in the bananas are able to keep the skin to remain tight. Increasing age in humans, then the quality of the skin including skin firmness will decline, as a result the skin will be more relaxed. To get the benefits of skin tightening that can be obtained from the fruit of bananas, note the following way.

Prepare a whole banana, honey, small bowls and spoons. After that, until the banana puree into a pulp, mix the honey and mix well. This mixture can be used as a face mask, how to evenly apply this medicine, then let sit and wait until dry. Then rinse with warm water first, the function that the pores open and the content of the benefits of this medicine to seep into the face of the pore cavity, until the dirt and fine particulate dust that can be lifted and then proceed to rinse using cold water. For maximum results doing this way at least once a week on a regular basis. 

Lightening Face 
Having a bright face, radiant and white would be a dream for every woman. No need to help bleach or vitamins at a fantastic price to make it happen. Now, just by utilizing bananas, face bright, white and radiant you can get. Surely this way besides cheaper, safer benefits for your health, because the herbal ingredients will not have any adverse effects to the body. 

Eliminate Acne 
When other people are vying for the most powerful acne medication why not try a natural way safer. It turns out that the benefits of bananas can also be applied on the face as an acne remover. The trick, take a ripe banana or yellow, then select the flesh and mash. As the foregoing manner, also apply to the face, set aside some time after that rinse with clean water. This is already proven by many many people and get rid of acne proven, but of course with regular usage.

Foods to Clean Toxins on the Body

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Clean out toxins on the body is increasingly popular these days, many people who want to clean up toxins on the body. However, it is not all the programs can be successful for everyone.

When in fact we've been able to clean the body of toxins on our bodies. So need not to use a detox program are manifold.

To optimize the performance of the body in ridding toxins, there are some foods that can be consumed. The food is as follows:

Although avocados have a high vegetable fat content. However, avocados contain antioxidants including glutathione complete. This will help mengelurakkan content of harmful toxins from the body.

Cranberry is excellent for preventing urinary tract infections as well get rid of toxins in the body.

Do not underestimate the benefits of cabbage. The content of sulfur in the cabbage role pushing out chemicals that are not needed by the body. There is also a sulfur content in cabbage to rid the body of material that is commonly ingested pesticides in vegetables or fruit.

This fruit does have a variety of health benefits, especially if regularly consumed. Lemon is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are useful to protect liver function and get rid of chemicals in the body.

Easily available and have many benefits, one of which heal the damage that is in the body through a natural antibiotic in the benefits of garlic.

There is no cost if you use a beet in a smoothie recipe. Pectin content of betaine and serves to protect the liver and gastrointestinal tract. The venom was reduced in the body by eating beets.

Fruit with delicious flavor is able to help cleanse the digestive system and prevent developing kidney stones.

Sunflower Seeds
Do not underestimate snacks commonly eaten these kids because if consumed regularly can get rid of harmful toxins which circulate in the body.

Pepper Benefits for Traditional Medicine

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Pepper, of course this is not foreign to our ears, especially for fans of spicy food. Yes, pepper is one of the herbs which give effect to the spicy cuisine. But, do you know if this pepper has many benefits, especially for traditional medicine??

Pepper is one cure for headaches. If your headaches suddenly disappear after eating the soup, notice. Soup containing pepper and pepper ingredient that has removed this headache you. Kavisin pepper contains a substance which brings spicy nature. In the body, compounds that become a source of spicy flavor will work dampen brain activity while receiving pain signals are transmitted from the nervous system. Therefore, the burden of pain was high so reduced .

Pepper plant compounds are also classified as lust / aphrodisiac. Boron compounds, and vacrol calamene contained in grains of pepper fruit can stimulate the secretion of androgen and estrogen which is the main stock generating sexual arousal in men and women. The content of pepper can also overcome the less savory smell of sweat, irregular menstruation, heartburn, rheumatism, gout, bone loss, dental pain, asthma, hernia, and various types of skin diseases.

1. Headache
5 grams of pepper
5 grains of cloves
5 grams of nutmeg
1 finger cinnamon
Wash all the ingredients above, then dry. Then, mashed into a powder and brewed with hot water. Drink while warm.

2. Asthma
Take 10 grains of pepper
8 pieces of betel leaf
Puree and add 1 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil
Mix well and rub on the neck and chest.
That's some pepper for health benefits. You now do not need to go to the doctor or to the pharmacy only to treat your headache pain. You just go back to your kitchen and complete your headache problem. However, if the headache does not go away, it is advisable to keep going to the doctor.

The Other Side of Cucumber Salad

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Cucumber. Did you know that cucumbers can be used as a face mask?? It turns out in addition to a cucumber salad, there is also a cucumber mask. Yes, cucumber is very beneficial for skin care, especially for women who crave a fresh face, cucumber can be used as an alternative treatment.

Cucumber is very useful to refresh the skin, as well as moisturizing cleanser, can minimize pores and skin cooling as the sun.

The Other Side of Cucumber Salad

Content of Cucumber that Useful for Face
Cucumbers have a high water content, other than that cucumber also contains vitamins A, B and C and some minerals such as magnesium, potassium, manganese, and silica.

Cucumber mask is used to tighten the skin. Ascorbic acid and caffeic acid are present in cucumber can reduce the level of water retention, and will reduce swelling around the eyes.

So, How Can You Make Cucumber Mask??
How to make a cucumber mask is very simple and easy to do, here are the steps:
1. Choose cucumbers that are still fresh (the cucumber is enough)
2. Wash the cucumber with clean water
3. Grate the  cucumber, and use the grated results as a mask on the face
4. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then wash your face with clean water.
It's easy right? Please try the cucumber mask and feel his usefulness.

Various Benefits of Oyster Mushroom

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Oyster Mushroom, a fungus that comes from the Netherlands. According to WHO, the oyster mushroom meets the health standard, even oyster mushrooms have a whole range of benefits for human health.

Oyster mushrooms have a protein, vitamins, and minerals are quite high. Besides it is more important to note is the amino acid content essensialnya. Of the 20 essential amino acids, 9 species there are in the oyster mushroom.

Essential amino acids are amino acids that are not produced by the human body. This essential amino acid is very useful for the human body's metabolic processes.

Nine essential amino acids contained in the oyster mushrooms are: lysine, methionin, trypthofan, theonin, valine, leucine, isoleucine, histidine, and phenylalanine. 

Vitamins are found in oyster mushrooms are: B1 (thiamin), B2 (ribovlafin), niacin and biotin. While the oyster mushrooms for their mineral containing potassium, phosphorus, Ferrum, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Cuprom and others. 

Oyster mushrooms are healthy snacks and healthy, because it is free of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. 

In every 100 grams oyster mushrooms, there are 367 calories, 10-30% protein, 56% carbohydrate, 17% fat, and much more. Oyster Mushrooms calories are contained kj/100 is 100 grams with 72 percent saturated fat. Oyster mushrooms contain fiber content up to 24% so it is perfect for dieting. 

Some of the benefits that oyster mushrooms are owned by lowering cholesterol, anti-bacterial, and anti-tumor so that oyster mushrooms are also widely used to treat variety of diseases ranging from diabetes, liver, and other. For those of you who want to lose weight can also eat the oyster mushrooms because many contain fiber.

Some say that the oyster mushroom is not well taken by people who have gout disease, but new research proves that the oyster mushroom does not result in gout or negative side effects of gout. 

Well .. it was a glimpse of a description of the benefits of oyster mushrooms, apparently besides it tastes good, oyster mushroom has many benefits huh? :)