How to Use Magnetic Power to Reflexology

Here I will present a continuation of the previous articles, namely on how to use magnetic force, especially in reflexology. I often use magnetic force to reflexology in the following way:

1. Basically, the magnetic energy that I normally use to treat patients is channeling of magnetic energy to my patients, because the sick person (patient) clearly shorthanded magnetic.

2. To facilitate the process of distribution of magnetic force, first tell the patient to breathe smoothly and in during the massage. The purpose of breathing is smooth and is drawing breath in a subtle and deep, as well as disposal of breath. Also tell the patient to relax the muscles of the body (relax).

3. After the second step can walk, then the third step we can begin the massage. But that need attention prior to the massage we must draw first breath (breath withdrawals made before our hands touching the limbs of patients). Withdrawal of breath is done subtly, but do not have too much in other words, only as needed. After the withdrawal of breath, hold breath that we take earlier in our chests. When we hold their breath in the chest, it's time we start a reflexology (hand we begin to touch the patient's limb). Perform massage according to the instructions in the previous article on how to massage reflection. Massage is done by holding his breath in the chest meant to magnetic channeling power to the patient. If we are not strong hold your breath then throw the breath slowly and it is good we do not hold the patient's limb when we breathe.

4. These steps are carried out for 3 to 5 minutes for a single point of nerve, then we can do it again to the point of another nerve.

5. Just a note only that the channeling of magnetic energy into the patient's body, especially through the massage reflection will not lead us shorthanded magnetic, so don't worry!

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