Why Most parts are massaged in the soles of feet??

Most often nervous masseuse massaging the foot reflexology area. Perhaps the reader wondering. Why should your foot?? Why not just palms?? O.K. The answer is very simple, that is because in this region there are many foot reflexology nerves leading to all organs of the human body. Massage in the sole of the foot is not at risk at all (so for beginners massagers, massage do not have to worry in this area despite not knowing the points which should be massaged).

If dilogika, it makes perfect sense, because people walk using your foot, if you massage your feet at risk to other organs would be many people who suffer pain because they walk using leg ... (of course this is very strange, is not?) So for beginners please start massaging masseuse in the soles of the feet, while you learn to know the points of nerve to another.


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