Health Benefits of Leaves binahong

Binahong leaves, the plant is said to have originated from Korea does have many amazing benefits. Binahong leaves can be used as an alternative medicine for various diseases.

Binahong leaves for internal us
How to: take rhizome (root) to taste, washed, then boiled, filtered, and the results after a cold drink 2-3 times a day, this way to heal the incision, ulcer, typhus, dysentery, physical fitness (plus eggs and honey), prevent stroke, gout and lumbago.

However, the tuber can also be dried and finely ground, then put in a capsule 0.5 mh and drink 3 times a day.

Binahong leaves for external use
The leaves and stems finely ground and then applied to the affected part. This material is for healing bruises due to hit, hit the fire (heat), rheumatic, stiff, sore muscles, smoothing the skin.

Bulbs of other materials mixed with boiled with betel leaf, ginger with odd ratio: 7, 9, 13 for the healing heart swelling, swelling of the liver, diabetes, kidney damage and inflammation of the colon.

Trunk to overcome the weaknesses of men, which taken by the sap is applied to the penis, then set aside some time to do intercourse with my wife. When boiled with kencur (3 cups to 1 cup) drink every night for a week.

Uses and Benefits Leaves Binahong
As explained above, binahong leaves can cure various diseases. How to drink it alone or it can be pretty chewed leaf juice binahong.  In addition to some of the above diseases, it leaves Binahong can still be used for some other diseases such as:  Swollen and bloody from a fall or scratched

Mash or chewing leaves Binahong 2 leaves or more depending swelling or sores Apply on the swelling or wound evenly Do it again if the wound is still wet or conditions of severe injuries

Eliminate Acne
  1. Take a few leaves binahong, 5 leaves or more 
  2. Dab evenly on the face especially on Acne 
  3. You should do before going to bed

Do this several times until the Smooth skin, for maximum results drink 5-6 binahong leaves in a glass of water mixed Juz. Can be mixed with honey that taste. It's been proven that Binahong can Eliminate Acne.

Treat Mag
As an herbal medicine that has no side effects, he says, the way leaves use binahong can be done by boiling or used directly as fresh.

To help cure ulcers, binahong can be boiled in a measure of five or seven leaves with three glasses of water to. For ulcer patients should be performed three times a day before meals to get cold in the mag were injured.

Utilization leaves for health binahong recommended because these plants readily available in various places. Vines are sometimes referred to as the Latin language gendola or Basella rubra Linn.

Binahong almost all parts of the plant can be used as herbal therapy. Parts of plants such as roots, stems and leaves have a variety of properties. Tuber when combined with other herbs such betel leaves, turmeric can to treat diabetes and colitis.

Wow .. really incredible benefits this binahong leaves, may be useful ...


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