Srikaya Fruit Benefits for Health

Srikaya - rough-skinned fruit is sweet in addition to apparently keep a wide range of benefits for human health. Here's the explanation:

Srikaya a tree that comes from the West Indies which will bear fruit after about 4 years old. Srikaya include shrubs which we can easily find in the yard and even many that grow wild. Sugar-apple fruit flesh is white and has a sweet taste, while the ripe seeds are black. Srikaya plant parts that can be used as a drug that is the fruit, leaves, roots, bark, and seeds. Root srikaya efficacious for anti-inflammatory, anti-depressants. Benefits srikaya leaves are astringent, anti-inflammatory, laxative intestinal worms, as well as accelerate the ripening boils and abscesses. Srikaya nutritious seeds stimulate digestive enzymes, abortivum, anthelmintic, and insect killers.

Srikaya contain antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which helps fight free radicals in the body. High potassium and magnesium contained in this fruit can also protect you from heart disease, as quoted from page Times of India. If you want to beautify the skin naturally, consume srikaya regularly. This fruit contains vitamin A which is useful to keep the skin, healthy hair, and improve the function of the eye.

Not only that, the fruit commonly used as a jam in the bread, it is also believed to control blood pressure and help normalize digestive function, cure constipation, and treating diarrhea and dysentery. That is why, it is important to include this fruit in your daily diet. This fruit contains a high magnesium, able to balance the water in the body, helps to remove acid from the joints and reduce the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

When you often experience excessive fatigue, you can take srikaya. Therefore, the potassium contained in it can help combat muscle weakness. The fruit is also beneficial for people suffering from anemia, because the fruit is high in calories. And if you want to gain weight, it's worth taking srikaya regularly. Srikaya famous for its natural sugar content, for it is good if the fruit is used as a snack or dessert you.

Although srikaya fruit has many health benefits, but its use should be under an experienced herbalist. Because some parts of the tree are toxic srikaya, like boiled seeds, bark and roots of the tree. Even for pregnant women are prohibited from drinking boiled fruit seeds srikaya, because it can be dangerous for the health of mother and fetus.


  1. what month or season does this fruit in Bali?

  2. what month or season does this fruit in Bali?