Papaya Benefits for Health

Papaya (Australian residents call it "Paw paw"), the fruit is sweet and delicious this turned out to have a variety of amazing benefits. When we first discussed the "Papaya Leaves and Benefits to Human" now we will discuss about the benefits of the fruit. Here are the benefits that can be derived from papaya fruit:

1. Papaya fruit contains a variety of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Even its vitamin A content of more than carrots, and vitamin C was higher than the orange. Also rich with vitamin B complex and vitamin E.

2. Papaya fruit contains the enzyme papain. This enzyme is very active and has the ability to accelerate the process of protein digestion. Digesting protein is a major problem faced by many people in the daily diet. The body has limited digesting protein due to lack of spending hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

3. Protein content in the fruit papaya is not too high, only 4-6 grams per kilogram weight of fruit. But this small amount is almost completely digested and absorbed by the body. This is due to the enzyme papain in papaya fruit is able to digest the substance as much as 35 times larger than its own size. The digestibility of the protein is reminiscent to more carefully select the food, that food that contains high protein Tenti not be beneficial to the body. What matters is whether or not the protein is easily absorbed by the body.

4. Papain can break down proteins into arginine. Arginine compound is one of the essential amino acid in normal conditions can not be produced by the body and obtained through foods such as eggs and yeast. However, if the enzyme papain pencerbaan proteins involved in the process, naturally some proteins can be converted into arginine.

The process of formation of arginine with papain also affect the production of human growth hormone is popularly known as human growth hormone (HSG), because arginine is one full of obligatory in the formation of HGH. Now, HGH is what helps improve muscle tone and reduce fat accumulation in the body. Other important information, laboratory tests showed arginine serves to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells.
5. Papain can also break down foods that contain protein to form various amino acid compounds that are autointoxicating or automatically removes unwanted substances formation due to incomplete digestion.

Hypertention, constipation, arthritis, epilepsy and diabetes are diseases that arise because the process of digestion is not perfect. Papain can not always be prevented, but at least to minimize the negative effects that arise. What is clear papain can help make the process pencenaan better food.

6. Papain helps the arrangement of amino acids and helps remove toxins. In this way the immune system can be improved.

7. Papaya can also speed up the digestion of carbohydrates and fats. The enzyme papain is able to break down the meat fibers, making the meat easier to digest. Not surprisingly, the papaya is often used as a meat tenderizer material, especially for the manufacture of cooking kebabs or stews.

8. Papaya has antiseptic properties and helps prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the gut. Papaya helps normalize the pH of the intestine so that the situation becomes normal intestinal flora.

9. Papain is formed in all parts of the fruit, good skin, pulp, and seeds. So should papaya fully utilized. In fact, for those who have digestive problems, it is advisable to consume papaya and its seeds.

10. Fruit is still mengkal or half-baked has a higher nutrient content than ripe fruit. But women who want to have children or are pregnant are prohibited to consume, because raw fruit and mengkal have the effect of abortion. Because the effects of this one, in many countries, such as Papua New Guinea and Peru, papaya is used as a contraceptive. Advice for pregnant women, if you want to get the properties of papaya, eat the ripe fruit only.

Unbelievable right? Therefore, for those who have not or rarely eat papaya, please hurry to buy ... or it could be planted himself in kebuh. Hopefully useful.


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