How to Use Potions

In addition to using massage reflection, in particular that we convey in this blog will also discuss about the traditional ingredients used as a complementary massage reflection. This traditional herb meruapakan natural ingredients, without chemicals, making it safe for human consumption and without side effects.

Before discussing about how to use traditional ingredients, we will deliver the water first. For therapy we often do (practice) water is the main element that we always use when we do an alternative massage to the patient. The function of the water itself is for the transfer of magnetic energy that is added to the prayer. The stages are as follows:

  1. Provide ½ cup water, warm may be too cold (but do not water ice / water from the fridge) 
  2. Read out or ask for prayers of healing for the patient's illness to God, Religion and Beliefs in accordance with your 
  3. Transfer of magnetic energy from us with long and smooth breathing (imagining we draw energy from nature, then channeled into a glass of water had to hold his breath in the chest, but imagine the energy we take from nature was channeled into the water earlier.
  4. Have the patient drink water.

Absolute white water we provide to all sorts of illnesses suffered by patients, but for traditional medicinal herbs tailored to the type of disease patients. Here we tell how to use herbs in general. Adapaun about the type of herb used and the point where the nerve will gradually we describe in the articles to come. How to use the herb is blended or mixed drink two to three plants each of 15 grams or a handful of boiled with three glasses of water until only two glasses to drink twice a day. It also can be dried or ground brewed like a tea made of flour and put into capsules. Or in the form of fruits and tubers shredded kenudaian starch squeezed juice to drink.

In addition, the important thing to note is the patient must be disciplined to maintain abstinence from food and drink during his illness has not healed, but if it had healed no longer need berpantangan origin is not excessive.

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