Amra Benefits for Health

Amra fruit is a fruit that tastes a bit sour but sweet. Amra fruit has a fairly large seeds and seeds form like rambutan, but white. Besides it tastes fresh, it amra fruit also has various health benefits. And not just fruit is beneficial, but the stems and leaves of fruit amra also has a variety of benefits. 

1. Vitality 
The main content contained in amra fruit is in the form of sucrose sugar elements that are important to supplement your energy and vitality. So is the water content is high enough and helpful in digestion and prevent dehydration. Besides other benefits amra fruit is of low fat content, so the fruit is suitable as a snack food diet refreshing. Moreover, carbohydrate and protein content also includes low. In addition, there is also in part the use of fruit amra fatherly cure and overcome the wounds caused by burns. 

2. Treating Diarrhea and Thrush  
Bark kedondong efficacious as a cure diarrhea and thrush medication. For diarrhea medicine: s ± 15 grams of fresh bark amra, washed and cut into small pieces, boiled with 2 cups of water for 15 minutes after a cold filtered. Distillate taken twice a day just as much in the morning and afternoon. 

3. Treating cough 
ow: take 2 or 3 pieces amra. Wash thoroughly, then grate. Without the added water squeeze the water. Add a little salt, Drinks to people 3 times a day. 

4. Treating Dysentery 
The leaves and bark of this tree contains many flavanoida, saponins and tannins. The content is very useful to cure dysentery and cough cure. To make herbal potions to cure dysentery we simply take kedondong bark about 5 gr. Select the skin fresh and clean. After it was sliced ​​in the form of small pieces and boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining half. Then set aside to be warmer, then strain and drink the water. 

Well .. that was some of the benefits that can be taken when consuming fruit amra. Quite a lot too huh? Geran not that many people who love to eat fruit amra.