Peach benefits to Treat Various Diseases

Peaches originated in China. In addition to taste sweet, sour, refreshing, this fruit is also very rich in vitamins, fiber and other essential minerals. The fruit is also anti-aging, boost immunity and detoxify or nature helps remove toxins from the body. Inherent need to cultivate fresh peaches peeled. To facilitate peeling the fruit soak in hot water for 15 minutes, remove and put into cold water. Now you can easily peel the fruit. If you want to be treated, do not cook it too long because the texture of the fruit is tender and cooked fast. Peaches in the various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are beneficial health body bag. Every 100 grams of ripe fruit contained 43 kalkalori, 2.0 g fiber, 66 mg of Vitamin C, 535 UI of vitamin A, 0.700 mg vitamin E and various other essential minerals.

View the content of peaches on top of it is not surprising that one kalu fruit has many benefits for the body, especially in terms of treating disease. Here are some of the benefits of a peach to treat disease:

Cough Treatment For Asthma
Take 3 fresh peaches, discard the skin, add 30 grams of sugar, steamed with enough water, steaming in a covered container to use, once ripe pitted, then eaten. Do a treatment every day until healed.

Sweat Not Prevent Normal
Take 30 grams of dried green peach, then gongso until charred, tamahkan 30 grams of dates and water and steam until cooked to taste. Eat this mixture every night until the patient recovered.

Reduce High Blood Pressure
Take 30 grams of peaches which have been drained, add enough water, boiled until boiling, boiling drinking water is 3 times a day, do the treatment until cured.

For Treating Skin
Puree the peach skin, then apply gently on face and massage gently, leave 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. Perform routine 2 times a day.


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