How to Massage Therapy

Using the fingers directly, but if the foot massage the area of ​​reflection is difficult using the fingers can also use small-headed cane round and smooth. Apply a balm or oil to the point of reflection to be massaged so that the skin does not blister after a massage. Press slightly stronger (average) with stick upright position, turn around, promote and backing, and so on. When they find a crystal precipitate or clump like it's jammed at the point of reflection of heat and pain as the needle pricked, then please remove the sediment slowly as the above for three to five minutes.

If the crystals that block has been destroyed he will come out through urine and sweat, it is advisable to drink warm water before and after the massage as much as one or two glasses. If the sediment wedge at the point of reflection is lost then the organ is healthy again because of blood to the organ has been smooth. Take these steps regularly two or three times a week.

CAUTION: Do not massage in women who are menstruating, pregnant young, people with infectious diseases, and do not massage the swollen part.

SECURITIES THAT MAY OCCUR AFTER THE MASSAGE: Perhaps the itching, swelling, blue, diarrhea, dizziness, fever, red urine, please calm down and do not worry. These symptoms are normal symptoms that may even be good.

Treatment with reflexology massage is a safe, cheap, potent, easy, and practical.

Good luck ...


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