How To Treat Hypertension

Massage kidney reflection area (No. 22), urinary tract (No. 23), bladder (No. 24), head (brain) (No. 1), forehead (No. 2), cerebellum (No. 3) , pituitary gland (no. 4), trigeminal nerve (No. 5), ear (No. 9), thyroid gland (No. 12). Work the reflection "Hypertension Point". See the reflection area (nerve points) on the image.

Turmeric (rhizome), flask of water (flesh and juice), water lettuce (all parts), Pulai Pandak (roots), ceplukan (all parts), the weeds (roots), Noni (fruit), lime (fruit water ), Sembung (leaves), cat's whiskers (leaves), or coriander walangi mungsi (seeds), Centella asiatica (leaves, roots), red fruit (juice), tempuyung (leaf), bitter (leaf), continued life (leaves) , god leaves (leaves and tubers), the crown of the god (the fruit), komfrey (leaves), tread virgin.

Salted fish, salted eggs, fat, organ meats, bananas, jengkol, beef, mutton, buffalo meat, all kinds of fried foods, coconut milk, egg, durian, spices in containers of flour, butter, hazelnut.


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