Bernefits of African Mango

Unlike most other slimming products, african mango extract offers a way to lose weight in a natural, safe and effective and permanent results. Exercise in the fitness and diet often fails to show results, but many scientific studies conducted African mango has shown positive results. Even the clinical study noted a reduction in the average 28 pounds in 10 weeks and also 4 to 6 inches from their waist.

African mango jormon reproduce works by leptin in the body, the hormone leptin is a hormone whose job is to tell the brain that the body needs to eat or not, the tingga hormone leptin in the body, the less we feel hungry. Hormone leptin also increases metabolism. This product also reduces levels of bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. You can actually see the fat melt away from the abdominal area, hips and thighs etc. It is no surprise that Hollywood celebrities are also using these products so that their bodies look perfect when walking the red carpet.

Long before the african mango studied by western countries, indigenous tribes in Africa, already reaping the benefits. They use the seeds of fruit in the daily diet to boost energy levels and reduce appetite during long hunts.

African mango is used as a supplement has nothing to do with mangoes in the market or supermarket, although it is also called Wild Mango and Mango Bush. In fact, the scientific name for this plant Irvingia Gabonensis, which is often shortened to IGOB131 much more manageable. Active compound in IGOB131 only found in the seeds of this plant, and not on fruits or leaves, the plant which grows only in Africa: in the tropical forests of Cameroon, to be exact.

Scientists have discovered is that the product is now known as the african mango seems to have a profound effect on weight loss efforts. To better understand this, the researchers conducted a clinical trial with its total of 102 participants who were overweight and 102 people are divided into 2 groups, the first group given africak mango and other groups were given a placebo. People in the group administered tests IGOB131 capsules 150mg twice daily before meals. At the end of week 10, the scientists found that subjects given test african mango lost weight by 28 pounds, 6.7 inches from their waist, and 18.4% decrease in body fat. results are very impressive, and participants provided african mango also suffered a 26% reduction of bad cholesterol, decreased 27% in LDL cholesterol, decreased 32 percent in blood sugar, and serum chemistry of C-reactive protein reduction of more than 50%.

C-reactive protein may be the most important factor in weight loss. The presence of C-reactive protein, or CRP, can signify something known as leptin resistance. This is important because Leptin is a hormone in the body that tells the brain to turn off the desire to eat (because you just eat the food, for example). When leptin levels drop, making the body will be asked to eat a lot and when leptin send the brain to the body that the intake sinyak food we need is enough. Because of this effect, the african mango is good for people who want to lose weight.

You should also know that leptin regulates the body to store fat, while high levels of leptin will command the body of stored fat is converted into energy. That means that when your body is sensitive to leptin, you are more likely to burn more fat.

The scientists were able to identify and isolate the main ingredient as found in the african mango Irvingia Gabonensis. This material has a natural ability to speed up metabolism. It can also suppress appetite for hours because they contain high fiber which makes you feel full longer.

Irvingia trigger the production of leptin, a protein that regulates the brain matter of hunger and satiety. Therefore, you do not feel hungry and your appetite can be suppressed. Leptin also helps the body convert stored fat into energy.

African mango supplements should be taken regularly to get the desired results. In addition to helping you lose weight, amazing fruit can also help you lower your blood sugar and increase your good cholesterol levels and lower your bad cholesterol levels.

Other benefits of african mango

Apart from its ability to suppress appetite, here are other health benefits you can get from taking natural supplements on a regular basis:

  1. increased metabolism 
  2. make the process of digestion and elimination of waste better 
  3. eliminate toxins in the body 
  4. increasing energy 
  5. there are no side effects 
  6. source of antioxidants 
  7. prevention of major diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes

A number of clay that you can research through the internet will prove that the african mango extract is safe because it comes from natural ingredients. No side effects such as nausea or dizziness is quite common with other diet pills have been reported by regular users of weight loss supplement.

However, to achieve permanent weight loss, you must remember that it is not enough to take a weight loss supplement, but should be assisted exercise regularly to get maximum results.


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